The Salt of the Earth Family – a Passion for Natural and a Dedication to Customer Service

The Salt of the Earth family of natural deodorants was adopted by Mother and Son team, Sally and Thomas Laird in 2005, and has since become a leader in the natural deodorant industry, diversifying from a single crystal stick to an extensive, multi award-winning product range.  

Sally had been a devotee of the Salt of the Earth Crystal Classic deodorant for several years before being offered the opportunity to take ownership of the brand.  As a fervent advocate of natural products, the chance to become involved in taking what was a highly-regarded yet niche deodorant on a journey into new mainstream markets was too good to miss, and it was with this goal in mind that Sally and Thomas began to explore how the brand could be developed.   

Key to their vision was offering a real, commercial alternative to the harsh synthetic chemicals that are often used in traditional antiperspirants, and which can severely affect those with sensitive skin.  Sustainability and environmental responsibility – not just in terms of ingredients, but packaging and distribution too - were also identified as primary prerequisites of product development. 

The first step on their journey to mainstream awareness was to expand the original single-product offering to include a unisex Natural Spray version of the deodorant – an introduction extremely well received by the market.  Now consumers could choose the application method that suited their personal preference, whilst retaining the peace of mind that they were using a natural, paraben and synthetic-free product.

Travel sizes of both the Crystal Classic and Natural Spray were welcomed to the Salt of the Earth family in 2005, and the 1 Litre Spray Refill added soon thereafter.  The Refill initiative was particularly well received in a market for which sustainability had traditionally come in a distant second to convenience, as it offered better value for money and enabled consumers to reduce waste.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle became the mantra by which Salt of the Earth’s product development was, and continues to be led.

In 2014, there were two new additions to the family – the young, funky Rock Chick (a version of the Crystal Classic specifically intended for young children and teenagers who may be affected by early or precocious puberty), and Pure Aura – the first fragranced product in the range.  Pure Aura’s light yet invigorating lavender and vanilla scent has proved popular among ladies of all ages, and is already becoming a modern classic for mindful consumers.

The Salt of the Earth range is currently stocked in over a thousand retailers throughout the UK, a fact which bears testament to Thomas and Sally’s success in introducing their natural deodorant family to the mainstream market.  Despite these accomplishments, they are determined not to rest on their laurels, but remain firmly committed to developing new additions to the range, and meeting their customers’ evolving needs over the years to come.  In doing so, it is their hope that they will continue to successfully introduce more families to their Salt of the Earth family.