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Crystal Deodorant Classic

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Long Lasting Protection: Salt of the Earth's active ingredient rests on the surface of your skin providing you with protection that lasts longer.

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No white marks on clothes

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Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Not tested on animals

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Unisex – great for men and women

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Effective protection from body odour.

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100% natural crystal deodorant.

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Suitable for children

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award
Free From Skin Care Awards 2013 Commended 
Crystal Deodorant Classic

Effective, Economical, the Smart Choice Crystal Deodorant

Our flagship deodorant, its praises sung by generations of adoring fans over 20 years.   You’d think the Classic would get a bit conceited by now but no, our crystal deodorant remains principled, faithful and as hard working as ever.   Your humble servant.

How does it work?

Applied to damp skin after washing, the natural Crystal Deodorant Classic leaves a thin layer of natural mineral salts on your skin.   These mineral salts are a natural deodorant and inhibit the formation of body odour on your skin, providing you with long lasting protection.

The Salt of the Earth Classic Crystal is a stick of pure Potassium Alum, a natural mineral salt that has been used as a deodorant for hundreds of years. Our 90g Classic Natural Deodorant will last and last if dried after use, giving you unbelievable value for money, as well as long-lasting protection against body odour.   A smaller Travel version is available for when space is tight and weight must be kept light.   Our deodorants are unscented so they won’t interfere with other fragrances like perfume or body lotion.


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Customer Testimonial

I doubt that you need any more testimonials for your amazing deodorant stick, but I have been so delighted with a product that lives up to its claims, I felt I should write about it. I thought I would put the product to test and have travelled to Africa and the Near East experiencing temperatures up to 40 degrees C in the last year with no trace of BO. Both my wife and I lead very active lives and we now would use nothing else. My worry is that as the stick lasts so long (in my case 12 months with probably two months to go) that it is not commercially viable! I have just ordered two more units for us both for the next 12-14 months. Well done! Chris, Devon

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Technical Information

Ingredients: Potassium Alum
Size: 90g/3.17oz
Brand: Salt of the Earth
Product: Crystal Deodorant
Format: Crystal Stick 
Manufactured in: China


  • Free from:
  • Aluminium chloryhdrate
  • Alcohol
  • CFC's
  • Propellents
  • Parabens
  • Perfumes
  • Triclosan
  • Mineral Oils

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