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Detoxology Detox Footpads

The Easy Way to Detox

Reflexologists believe that every part, function and organ of your body is reflected in energy points in your feet, therefore stimulating your feet can help balance your whole body. Crystal Spring natural Detox Foot Pads absorb perspiration on the foot which contains toxins and are placed over some of your reflexology meridian lines.

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The Benefits - What they do for you

green foot bullet pointRemove toxins through perspiration.

green foot bullet pointAre made using a combination of natural herbs and semi-precious tourmaline.

green foot bullet pointHelp detox you while you sleep

Before and after - See the difference

One of the great things about our detox foot pads is that they are so visual. The foot pads work by heating your foot overnight and making it sweat into the pad, bringing out toxins with it. Your sweat reacts with the herbs in the foot pads and when you take them off in the morning you can defiantly see the difference! Have a look at the before and after photo below to see the results for yourself.

Picture of a detox footpad before and after use 


Key Ingredients

Green Tea Leaves  

Green Tea

Green tea is drunk extensively around the world for its taste and reduced caffeine content. Green Tea originated from China and it is possible to find references to green tea in Chinese literature as far back as 5000 years ago. Green tea was one of the first teas being widely drunk even before black tea became popular. There are many myths and legends surrounding who discovered green tea, but one of the most popular describes it being discovered by an Emperor when a Green Tea Leaf accidently fell into his cup of hot water.

Photo of tourmaline crystal  


Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that is the birthstone of October. Apart from being used in jewellery, tourmaline has been used to heal the heart Chakra and neutralize negative energies. It is also worn by artists and poets who believe that it increases their creativity by helping them move beyond limited thinking to create vivid new ideas. Tourmaline exerts a cleansing and liberating energy and is one of the few gem stones known to emit far infrared. Far infrared has a warming and soothing effect on the skin helping to excrete perspiration, which contains toxins, into the Foot pad. Tourmaline also gives off negative ions, which are abundant in nature around waterfalls, and beaches and are known to be relaxing and mood enhancing. 

Photo of bamboo forest  

Wood & Bamboo Vinegar

Wood & Bamboo Vinegar are used in China because they are good drawing agents. Remember how people used to put their feet in a mustard bath. Wood vinegar and Bamboo vinegar work in a similar way.

Photo of ginger root  

Ginger Extract

Ginger is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber Officinale. It gives the footpads their distinctive smell. Ginger was used by the Romans and was hugely expensive, one pound of ginger cost the equivalent of an entire sheep. Luckily its not so expensive now! Marco Polo was fascinated by the cultivation of ginger when travelling in 13th Century China. The Chinese love cooking with Ginger to add heat to their food.


Holland & Barrett logo   the essential oil company logo

Our Detox Footpads are stocked at over 600 shops round the UK. If you can't get our Detox Foot pads locally remember you can buy direct from this site and get FREE international postage. Use our stockist map to find your nearest store. 

 Reviews for Detoxology Detox Footpads on eKomi

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5 star image I have bought the detox footpads several times (i like to do a gentle detox leading up to the spring and autumn equinox) and I have found crystal spring quick, efficient and the website easy to navigate around.
13.09.2011 at 20.05

5 star image I was very impressed with all procedures regarding my shopping experience with your website and product. I've actually recommend it to my friends and clients. I think this kind of detoxification is fantastic.
11.08.2011 at 13.05

Frequently Asked Questions About Detox Footpads

How do I use Crystal Spring Detox Pads

Before you go to bed:

1. Take one adhesive sheet and one footpad out of the box.

2. Unwrap the footpad from its protective plastic film.

3. Carefully peel off the paper on the back of the adhesive pad.

4. Place the detox foot pad onto the middle of the adhesive sheet. Please take care to make sure the side of the footpad with the Crystal Spring logo is placed against the adhesive sheet.

5. Put the detox patch on your foot. Mid foot is fine however if you would like to be more adventurous, use the reflexology chart on the reverse of this leaflet. We suggest alternating between your left and right foot each night.

6. Go to sleep and take the footpad off in the morning. It’s that easy!

How else can I help the Detox process?

Drink plenty of fresh filtered water – as much as 2 litres a day - we know, we know, but it’s good for you. Avoid caffeine, alcohol (oh dear, oh dear), too much red meat, dairy products, sugar, too much wheat, hydrogenated fats (found in most processed foods), artificial additives and smoking. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and take exercise on a regular basis. Oh and don’t forget the water – it is important.

What do the detoxification patches do?

They contain tourmaline crystal and herbs which create warmth in the foot and draws the perspiration, which contains toxins, into the footpad. Any release of toxins has to be a good thing as it allows your body to work more effectively. The warmth also stimulates the reflexology points of the feet.

How does Reflexology work?

People have known for thousands of years that the feet have reflex points which reflect every organ, part and function of the body. Stimulating these reflexes promotes equilibrium in the corresponding body part. Placing a footpad on the sole of your foot can affect the reflexes too. Placing the pad on different parts of the foot can show different results on the footpads in the morning, but as the liver meridian is on the middle of the right foot, this is the best place to start. See the reflexology foot chart below:

Reflexology Foot Chart showing reflexology meridians


Can I use the detoxifying footpads on other parts of my body?

It is perfectly safe to use the detoxification foot pads on other parts of your body – as long as it is not on broken, delicate or irritated skin. However you will not be using the reflexology points of your feet and you will not get the same release of toxins as you would by using them on your feet.

Why detox?

Our body creates toxins all the time, which if our diet is perfect, we drink plenty of clean spring water and exercise, our body should be able to remove on its own. But we now live in a chemical world that makes it more difficult for the body to detox.

Why are Crystal Spring detoxification footpads so good?

Crystal Spring Detoxifying patches contain Tourmaline Crystal, which generates a feeling of warmth on the foot. Tourmaline Crystal is known to be a natural source of far infrared and negative ions, both of which are extensively researched in the East.

What can I expect from the Detoxification patches?

The great thing about Crystal Spring detox footpads is that the results are so visual. In the morning you will see a dark sticky mess on the pads. Over a period of time, that gets lighter in colour and less sticky. The detoxification footpads will never be clear as the herbs inside are a light greeny/ brown colour.

Are they safe to use?

Crystal Spring Detoxifying Footpads do not deliver any chemicals into your body, they are made from natural ingredients.

Further Reading - Detox Articles

Ten natural way's to detox

- Diet: Many people believe that in order to detoxify the body they must embark on an intense program that requires drinking only juice or eating one type of fruit. While there may be some benefit of doing this, it often provides only a temporary fix. In order to achieve permanent detoxification it is necessary to make some permanent lifestyle changes, and this includes altering your diet. Click here to read more

- Get Regular: One of the main ways in which the body eliminates toxins is by regularly passing stools. If you do not have regular bowel movements you are suffering from constipation and this can affect how well your body can detoxify itself. Click here to read more...

- Exercise: Exercise has many benefits; it improves fitness, helps weight loss, tones muscle and is great for mental health. But did you know that exercising helps detoxify the body too? Click here to read more.

- Drink more water: Water is absolutely essential for good health. In fact, water is the second most important thing that your body needs to survive, after oxygen. Making sure you drink enough water is especially important when using our Detox Foot Patches, as they stimulate your feet and encourage perspiration and circulation. Click here to read more

- Sleep: Other than being just plain lovely, sleep has lots of health benefits too. In fact if you go without sleep for just 5 days your body will effectively start to break down. People who have gone extensive periods (the longest ‘scientifically recorded’ being 11 days) without sleep report headaches, nausea, hallucinations, breaking down of their immune system and memory loss. Click here to read more.

- Make Time for Yourself: Making time for yourself is one of the healthiest things you can do. Modern life is busy and stressful, so how often do you spend just half an hour on your own, doing what you want to do? I bet it’s not very often, maybe even never, but did you know that taking a little time out of every day and dedicating it to yourself will do wonders for your mental and physical health. Time for you should be a necessity not a luxury. Click here to read more

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- Meditate: As we began to discuss in the previous step, detoxifying your mind is as essential asdetoxifying your body. In fact, if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, it can really affect how your body functions, including how effectively it eliminates waste and toxins. Click here to see more

- Hypnosis: Hypnosis is defined as a relaxed and focused state of concentration. Many people have experienced being hypnotised, without even realising, for example when you are so absorbed in a book, or a film on the TV that you do not realise what’s going on around you. Click here to read more

Detox Diets:

The following list is a small collection of interesting Detox Diets from around the web. We do not suggest or recommend that anyone undertake these diets – extreme dieting is not the way to get and stay healthy. They contain information which, if used sensibly, can help to modify and enhance a sensible diet. Click here to read more

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