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Salt of the Earth Award Winning Natural Deodorants & Crystal Deodorants

Salt of the Earth - The Natural Deodorant You've Been Looking For

Are you looking for a natural deodorant that keeps you fresh all day, uses 100% natural ingredients and is kind and gentle to your skin?  Salt of the Earth natural deodorants and crystal deodorants can give you all that and more!

Clock icon to show Long Lasting Protection  

Long Lasting Protection

Salt of the Earth natural deodorants and crystal deodorants are powered by a natural mineral salt.  This naturally deodorising active ingredient rests on the surface of your skin providing you with natural protection that lasts longer.  

T-shirt icon to show no white marks  

No White Marks

Salt of the Earth natural deodorants and crystal deodorants do not leave white marks on your clothes, like those often left by conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Say goodbye to frantically washing white marks from your favourite black shirt, t-shirt or dress before a big party, meeting or hot date!

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With the exception of Rock Chick and Pure Aura, all our our Salt of the Earth natural and crystal deodorants are suitable for both men and women. 

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Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

None of our natural or crystal deodorants contain any animal derived ingredients and so are a great choice if you are vegetarian, vegan, or just don't like the idea of animal ingredients in your deodorant.

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Not Tested on Animals

None of our Salt of the Earth natural deodorants or deodorant crystals have been tested on animals.  Our natural deodorants and deodorant crystals have been on the market in the UK for over 20 years.  In the time they have been well tested by our customers, see our testimonials to find our just how effective people think they are! 


Award Winning Natural Deodorant Range

Our deodorant crystals were first introduced to the UK 20 years ago and have had a devoted following ever since.  Recently our Salt of the Earth range of natural deodorants and crystal deodorants has won a number of awards and commendations including: 

Best Natural Deodorant Award Logo
Platinum Awards 2013
Health Food Business Best Body/Personal Care Award Logo

Best Natural Deodorant 2013 Green Parent Magazine Beauty Awards

Winner! Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant Spray

Best Natural Deodorant 2013 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards

Winner! Salt of the Earth Crystal Deodorant Classic 

Best Body/Personal Care Health Food Business Magazine Awards

Highly Commended! Salt of the Earth Crystal Deodorant Classic 

Skin Matters Free From Awards 2013 
Your Healthy Living Magazine Awards 2013 logo
Skin Matter Awards 2014 Commendation Family Skincare Category

Best Hand and Body Care (Leave on) 2013 FreeFrom Skincare Awards

Commended! Salt of the Earth Crystal Deodorant Classic 

Best Toiletries Your Healthy Living Magazine Awards 2013

Highly Commended! Salt of the Earth Crystal Deodorant Classic 

Family Skincare  Skin Matter FreeFrom Awards 2014

Commended! Salt of the Earth Rock Chick 

Skin Matters Free From Awards 2013 
Platinum Award image

Best Natural Deodorant 2014 Green Parent Magazine Awards

Winner! Salt of the Earth Rock Chick

Best Natural Platinum Awards 2014

Winner! Salt of the Earth Pure Aura



Made from Natural Mineral Salts

Potassium alum crystal

The main active ingredient in our deodorants is a natural mineral salt called potassium alum that has been used as a natural deodorant for hundreds of years.  This mineral salt deodorant works by creating an invisible antibacterial layer on your skin which inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria without blocking your pores.


A Mineral Salt Deodorant With Organic Aloe Vera


Our convenient natural deodorants sprays are formulated with this same antibacterial mineral salt but also include organic aloe vera, and antibacterial plant extracts which help give even better protection against body odour.

A Natural Deodorant for Children

Rock Chick Natural Deodorant For Girls product image

Knowing what goes on your skin is important but it’s even more so when your child might be using the product too.   You can be sure that Salt of the Earth is safe and gentle enough for use on young skin.

Some children are starting to experience body odour much younger at 6 or 7 years old instead of in their teenage years.  Salt of the Earth deodorants are a great way of preventing body odour in children, without using harsh synthetic chemicals.

Our new Salt of the Earth Rock Chick is natural deodorant especially designed for girls. Its a little bit of girl-power confidence for those who are starting to notice changes with body odour.  Long lasting and great value, Rock Chick kind and gentle to skin and kind to clothes. Being unfragranced it will work without anyone knowing it is there.   Empowering girls to be confidently active and the star of their own show.


Travel in Confidence

Both Classic and Spray are available in travel sizes – perfect for flights, suitcases and gym bags.   Our 20ml propellant-free Travel Spray is acceptable for inflight cabin luggage and so is our cute 50g Travel stick.


Free From

All our Natural Deodorants are free from animal derived ingredients making them the perfect choice for Vegetarians and Vegans.  If like us, you are a keen label checker you will also be please to hear Salt of the Earth deodorants are free from Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Parabens, Alcohol, Perfumes, CFC's, Triclosan, MI, Mineral Oils, and Propellants. 



Janey Lee Grace Recommends Our Natural Deodorants

We love Janey Lee Grace’s Imperfectly Natural guide to living more naturally and Janey Loves… our natural deodorants!   Check her out…



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Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant & Crystal Deodorant Stockists

Available from over 1200 stores in the UK

Salt of the Earth natural deodorants & crystal deodorants are available at over 1200 stores around the UK and Ireland including high street chains such as Holland & Barrett, GNC, Whole Foods Market as well as hundreds of independent health food stores and pharmacies. If you have a store and would like to offer Salt of the Earth natural deodorants to your customers please click here to visit our trade sales page.

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 Plus many more - search our stockists map below

Salt of the Earth Stockist Map

To find a store near you just type the name of your nearest town into the 'locate' box on our stockists map below.  We  recommend you phone the store in advance of visiting to insure they have the Salt of the Earth product you want in stock. 


Natural Deodorant & Crystal Deodorant Online Stockists (UK & Ireland)

Below is a list of websites that stock Salt of the Earth natural deodorants and crystal deodorants.  Just click on their logo or url to visit their website.  If you have a website and would like to stock Salt of the Earth natural deodorant and crystal deodorant click here to visit our trade page.  If you have a website selling Salt of the Earth deodorants and it is not listed below please email us at

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Natural Deodorant & Crystal Deodorant International Online Stockists

Check the list below to see if we have an online reseller in your country.  If you have a shop or wholesale business and would like to sell our natural deodorants and crystal deodorants please see our trade and wholesale page for more information.

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I would like to stock Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants & Crystal Deodorants

More more information on stocking our range of natural deodorants and crystal deodorants please click here to see our Trade & Wholesale page.

Happy womanTestimonials – What our customers are saying about our natural deodorants & crystal deodorants

I doubt that you need any more testimonials for your amazing deodorant stick, but I have been so delighted with a product that lives up to its claims, I felt I should write about it. I thought I would put the product to test and have travelled to Africa and the Near East experiencing temperatures up to 40 degrees C in the last year with no trace of BO. Both my wife and I lead very active lives and we now would use nothing else. My worry is that as the stick lasts so long (in my case 12 months with probably two months to go) that it is not commercially viable! I have just ordered two more units for us both for the next 12-14 months. Well done! Chris, Devon

Thanks again. I just ordered 2. Good to find non-animal tested products which are not harmful to ppl. I admire companies like yours! Thanks, Lara

Hi, I simply want to tell you how amazing your product is, I have been using it now for about 5 years, and now refuse to use any other kind of deodorant. I suffer from psoriasis, and used to get it very bad under my armpits; I tried every kind of deodorant going, and absolutely nothing worked, only always made the matter worse, until I found your product. After the first use I could tell straight away that it was different, and after a week of using it my psoriasis under my arms had completely gone, and within that area I have had no trace of it ever coming back. I can't thank you enough. I just wish you could now create a shower gel or something similar in order for the rest of my psoriasis to clear on my chest! Many thanks again. Richard, Dorset

Hi there Would just like to let you know that i purchased on of your crystal rocks and its the best thing i have ever used. Prior to this i was using a product called dricolor. It was not as effective and make my underarms burn and itch and was very drying to the skin. You product is wonderful. I don't sweat and there is no odour anymore, and my armpits feel lovely and soft. Many many thanks will definately purchase again and recomend :). Susie

Thought you would be interested to hear I recently bought your Classic deodorant since I want to use less body harmful chemicals. I carried my usual brand with me because I couldn't believe it would work. Well I have recently returned from a trek to Borneo where I stayed for 5 days in the jungle with equatorial heat and 90% humidity and only cold showers. Thanks to your deodorant I was bacteria and body odour free and in the rainforest you try to use as little as possible with perfume as it attracts all the wrong insects. My crystal is going to last quite a long time and I will definitely buy again because I am converted. Thank you lots. Suzi.

I just wanted to comment on the Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone Classic. Deodorants are a mine field for me because I have allergies to certain perfumes, deodorants, especially sprays. I had to stop using spray deodorants years ago because I would sneeze all day, my eyes would puff up and so on, so I switched to roll ons and the majority of them would also give me a bad reaction. After a particularly bad reaction to a well known men's roll on recently (the one with the tick) where I suffered for 2 full days after having used it once, I ended up being given a Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone Classic by a concerned family member who knows of my sensitivity to perfumes and chemicals and bought this for me to try. I have to say this product has not only made me happier but has improved my daily life as well. It is first of all a nice novelty to have to wet the stick before using it then dry it afterwards, you also don't even feel like you ! are wearing it, some roll ons in particular stay sticky or don't dry quickly, this feels like wearing almost no deodorant at all. It's also a very effective deodorant. Because it is completely odourless you kind of don't believe that it will actually be effective as a deodorant but it definitely is, even after exercise. Thanks for making a great product, I recommend this to everyone not just people with sensitivities or allergies but everyone.  Pete

The deodorant stone is fantastic.  I seem to be allergic to all "normal" deodorants, but not this one.  Mary

‘I have been raving to my friends and family about your product [Classic] and have also converted my husband from his usual deodorant to Crystal Spring – he loves it too.’ Mandy

5 Star Reviews for Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants & Crystal Deodorants on eKomi

eKomi provides an independent and transparent feedback collection and management service. eKomi collects real customer reviews for shops, products and services.  To view all our eKomi reviews click here...

Image of 5 stars in row  This product really works, how baffles me but it does, no odour, no itch, no stains just dry comfort all day, add to this really fast delivery and a very competitive price you cant lose, thank you so much. 2013-02-06 at 15:52

Image of 5 stars in row  A brilliant product which really does what it promises, my last one lasted four years lol. 2012-06-13 at 13:09

Image of 5 stars in row  Thanks for the fast email feedback to my question, you were right, there doesn't seem to be any Linolool in your product as I haven't burst into a reaction.
I'm also amazed that it works so well and does indeed stop the smell of Body Odour before it begins, quite amazing really.  2012-06-23 at 18:14

Image of 5 stars in row  Really easy to use website, very quick & easy service, & a great product. This was ordered for my 6 year old who is suffering with sweating. I've researched which deodorant to use & I'm really pleased with this product.  2013-01-08 at 20:26

Image of 5 stars in row  Excellent value for money. Quick delivery Lasts absolutely ages and is the safest deodorant to use.
I would recommend this product to anybody.  2012-03-08 at 08:48

Image of 5 stars in row  Great product, I'm a very active person, sports etc. It really does stop any odour. You still sweat, but the moisture that this generates against your clothes etc does not turn into that 'bad BO' smell. It's not a problems that it does'nt have a perfum etc. A natural product that, having used for a week now I'm very impressed with. Can't see me going back to using the chemical alternatives ever!!  24.12.2011 at 13.37

Image of five stars  My product arrived very quickly and is better than I imagined it could be! I will never ever go back to chemical deodorant now. Thank you! 17.01.2012 at 10.25

Image of five stars  Easy site to follow, and smooth transaction. I will use again. I bought the deoderent to try out and I am very pleased. I have psoriasis under my arms and this is the only deoderent that does not inflame my condition. It has made me relaxed and confident knowing that I am fresh all day. 22.11.2011 at 21.45

Image of five stars  Excellent service and excellent product! I received the deodorant the very next day, and it is the first aluminium-free deodorant I have ever tried (and I've tried quite a few) which actually works! Brilliant. I have already recommended you to my friends.  15.10.2011 at 23.03

Image of five stars  I got my travelsized alum stone deodorant so very fast! Way faster than actually expected. And with free delivery!* I read a lot about natural deodorant and wanted to try a small one first for a reasonable price. And... it seems to work! I'm really happy and will probably purchase again. (well, in a few months that is, I hear my little stone is going to last a while.) Anyways, thank you so much! (Oh, and the design is really cool. Just wanted to put it out there.)  2012-04-22 at 15:09  *Please note we now only offer free delivery on orders of over £40 (UK & EU only).

Image of five stars  The order procedure was very easy, and i was very impressed with the free delivery service* which arrived the very next day!!! 
My friend gave me a crystal stone to try whilst on holiday and i was that impressed with it and how long it lasted i have bought the travel size stone and the larger size stone.I also like the fact that it doesn't leave any white marks.  2012-06-19 at 10:58  *Please note we now only offer free delivery on orders of over £40 (UK & EU only).

Image of five stars  I have found your deodorant totally efficacious. I would recommend it to everyone.  07.02.2012 at 09.29

Image of five stars  Great service, great product! Thank You very much, I received exactly what I waited for! I am going to order the same deodorant to my sister and I will definately recommend You to my friends. 07.02.2012 at 21.41

Image of five stars  Product excellent (Spray Deodorant), service also excellent. I would be very happy to recommend not only the products, but the online set up and ease of use and service in terms of keeping me informed of order status, standards of packaging and the efficient delivery.
Well done Crystal Spring, keep it up! 04.09.2011 at 12.42

Image of five stars  Looking to replace a discontinued Pen size Nivea deoderant spray I came upon your site and ordered Salt of the Earth natural deoderant spray and also tried the Salt of the Earth Travel natural deoderant stick. Both are excellent. They are both ideal for travelling. Your descriptions of the product were so accurate that I am totally satisfied and will definately be re-ordering in the future. The ordering procedure was quick and easy, and my order was dispatched the same day and received the following day. I will also be looking at the rest of your range as I am most impressed. I have already passed your website to two of my friends. Thankyou. 16.02.2012 at 01.13

Image of five stars  Very fast delivery to the Netherlands, it came after 3 working days. And the product does what it promised: no nasty smelling armpits, the whole day long. 2012-05-22 at 19:31

Image of five stars  Excellent service and our deoderant stones arrived the next day, which was very impressive. Up here in FK21, the postal service tends to treat us as the back of beyond - which we're not!  Our stones last for ages so it will be a while before we reorder but we'll use you again.  Keep up the excellent service.  2013-03-07 at 19:51

Frequently Asked Questions


What ingredients do you use in your crystal deodorants & natural deodorant sprays?

Potassium alum

The main active ingredient in our crystal deodorants and natural deodorant sprays is potassium alum, which is naturally mined in China. This naturally occurring mineral salt has been used as a natural deodorant for thousands of years. It has also been used in Traditional Indian and Chinese medicine and for water purification as it has natural antibacterial effects. If you are interested in knowing more about Alum read our article ‘Alum – A Traditional Natural Deodorant’.

INCI: Potassium Alum

 Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera

We use this well-known hero of the plant world as a moisturiser and skin soother.  For more detailed info on Aloe Vera, take a look at our article here

Aloe Vera is found in our Natural Deodorant Spray, Travel Spray & Refill.

INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice



 Star Anise

Star Anise or Indian Basil

Amazingly, P-Anisic Acid can be extracted from either of these aromatic plants, depending on the season.

We use its antibacterial benefits to help make our natural deodorant sprays even more effective.

P-Anisic Acid is found in our Natural Deodorant SprayTravel Spray & Refill

INCI: p-Anisic Acid


How are Salt of the Earth crystal deodorant sticks made?

Alum is mined from the ground. To shape these fragmented crystals the alum is dissolved in a small amount of boiling water and poured into a mould. It is then left to harden, and once solid it is polished to make sure it has no sharp edges. Once cooled and polished it is fixed into a recyclable plastic holder to be used as a crystal deodorant. 

What is the difference between the Salt of the Earth crystal deodorants and Sprays?

Our Classic and Travel crystal deodorants are made from solid alum crystal whereas our spray deodorants are a combination of natural alum, water, honeysuckle & p-Anisic Acid. Both our crystal deodorants and natural deodorant sprays are equally as effective as each other, so the choice really comes down to your preferred format. Some people prefer the more economical crystal deodorants whilst others like the convenience of a spray.

How Long do Salt of the Earth Unscented Deodorants Last?

This very much depends on frequency of use and how much care is taken to look after the crystal deodorants. The list below is what we believe to be an average life time.

Classic: 6 Months +
Travel: 6 Months +
Spray: 1-3 Months*
Travel Spray: 2 weeks*

*Remember you can refill our natural deodorant sprays using our handy refill

How can I make my Classic and Travel crystal deodorant last longer? 

Our crystal deodorants work because they are water soluble, but too much water can wear them down and prematurely age them. To make them look younger for longer just keep them as dry as possible, no need for  anti-aging creams here. Our two top tips are:

Dry the crystal after use: Dry the crystal after use with a towel, cloth or tissue. This stops water dissolving the crystal while you are not using the product and will help to make it last much longer.

Don’t get it too wet: If you are like me and turn your tap on full and hold the crystal under it for a good few seconds then your deo crystal will disappear in no time (well a few weeks). However if you use your crystal deodorant on wet skin after a bath or shower or just wet the tip of the crystal under the tap, your deodorant will last much longer – possibly even years!

Do both of these things and your crystal deodorant will last much longer than you expect. 

Are Salt of the Earth Crystal deodorants safe for children?

Many people worry now about their children sweating and having body odour, sometimes even before puberty. They don’t want them spraying dubious chemicals around themselves at a young and formative age, but children are very sensitive to teasing and body problems, so something has to be done. Our unscented crystal deodorants are an excellent choice of deodorant for kids over the age of 5 years, because they do not contain alcohol, fragrance, parfums, aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens or additives and potassium alum is not harmful on the skin or absorbed into the skin. 

Transform your Travel or Classic deo crystal into a spray

So you have finished with your crystal deodorant, but there is a little left in the bottom.....what do you do? Well you could make an unscented or scented natural deodorant spray. If you have a pump spray bottle handy, a heat proof container a kettle and some water; you are ready to go. If you would like a scented natural deodorant get ready to add a few aromatherapy oils to your natural spray deodorant.

Step 1: Dissolve the crystal
Remove the leftover crystal deo from its packaging and put it into a container able to withstand boiling or very hot water (not aluminium).

Step 2: Stir it up
Boil your kettle and let it stand for two minutes. Then pour 100ml of water onto the crystal. Stir gently for 5 minutes, cover and leave for an hour.

Step 3: Let the natural deodorant solution cool and stir again
After an hour stir again for 5 minutes. Most of the alum should have dissolved.

Step 4: Transfer into spray bottle 
Pour into the spray pot and wait until it has fully cooled before first use.

Step 5: Add aromatherapy oils to your new natural deodorant spray
Choose which aromatherapy oils you would like to use and put 20 drops into the bottle, after it has cooled. The oil will sit on the top of the water, so you will need to shake it before use.

Now you have a homemade natural deodorant spray but be sure to use it within a month as without proper processing it will not last as long as a Salt of the Earth Spray. Watch out where you make the spray too, because the stones can mark some house hold surfaces, particularly granite and marble. 

I used to use Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant. Is it the same as Salt of the Earth?

Yes it is! It seems like a long time ago but in its past life our Salt of the Earth Classic was in fact called the Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant. In 2008 the packaging was changed as part of a rebrand Crystal Spring undertook in conjunction with the UK design council.

Old Vs New - how our natural deodorant has changed

old Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant Vs Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant

Why do I sweat?

The human body has an ideal temperature range and has a number of systems to try and prevent it becoming overheated or becoming too cold. Sweating is a process used by the body to keep itself from overheating. Once the body reaches a certain temperature sweat is excreted through the skin. The process of sweating reduces the core body temperature while the evaporation of the sweat on the skin helps to reduce the skins surface temperature.

What is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

Antiperspirants and deodorants have a key difference. Antiperspirants reduce or stop the body from sweating while deodorants focus on stopping the smell of body odour. Most antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat glands so that they lose their natural ability to excrete sweat for a period of time. Natural deodorants such as our Salt of the Earth range do not stop the process of sweating, but instead focus on the prevention of bacterial build up on the skin that leads to body odour. 

What is the difference between emotional sweating and physical sweating and how do natural deodorants work to protect against both?

Physical sweating is used by the body to regulate temperature, cooling the body down when it gets over heated. Emotional sweat is triggered by emotional stimuli, mainly stress and fear. It is generally agreed that emotional sweat is confined to the armpits, forehead, soles of feet and the palm of the hands whereas physical sweating happens over most of the body.

Perspiration is odourless when it leaves the body. Body odour is caused by bacteria on the skin feeding on perspiration and breaking it down into chemicals that have odour. Although natural deodorants do not prevent sweating they do prevent the build-up of bacteria on the skin and are therefore an effective body odour remedy.

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