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How to Solve Armpit Stains on Shirts

3 Steps to Stain-free Armpits


Rest assured you’re not the only one.   But is it your bodycare product or the sweat or both causing the problem?  Take our quiz to find out and find the right solution.

1. Does the stain smell of sweat or product?

Plenty of antiperspirants and deodorants will automatically leave white marks because they’re not clear products themselves or because the product goes on invisible but leaves residue as it dries.   Salt of the Earth deodorant’s active ingredient, mineral salt potassium alum, is naturally clear and is one of the few deodorants that really does dry invisibly.   21 years of repeat customers will attest to this!

2. Are you using deodorant or antiperspirant? 

Antiperspirants use chemical compounds, eg aluminium chloride, that cause your sweat duct cells to swell and prevent sweat from escaping.   When these, usually quite acidic, ingredients bond with your sweat, new chemicals form which can stain clothing.   So your solution to one problem causes another!   A natural deodorant on the other hand simply forms a microspically thin antibacterial layer on the surface of your skin.   This keeps the bacteria at bay which would feast on stale sweat and then excrete what we call Body Odour.

3. It’s definitely just sweat stains, what do I do? 

Sometimes the underarms of a particular top just won’t wash clean in a regular cycle, maybe it’s the colour, maybe it’s the fibre, maybe it was something you ate that week, who knows.   There are a couple of tried and tested household ingredients which can help, you’ve probably heard of their amazing multiuse magic!   White vinegar and bicarbonate of soda will be your friend.   Follow our suggested stain removal instructions here.

Natural Invisible Deodorant


  • Image with 5 gold stars  It was just amazing

    It was just amazing to see the swifness of all process as from the ordering to the delivery it just took three days (please note that were the final days of the year and an overseas delivery). Highly recommended.  02.01.2012 at 13.51
  • Image with 5 gold stars  Top notch service

    Top notch service, great products and very quick. I've been using Crystal Spring for years and they've been great every time. Also I do not smell, which is nice. Thanks chaps!  09.10.2011 at 11.36

  • Image with 5 gold stars  Never had a problem with Crystal Spring

    Never had a problem with Crystal Spring, been ordering from them for years, they are very reliable.   2013-02-21 at 16:27

  • Image with 5 gold stars  Deodorant for my ten year old 

    I struggled to find a deodorant for my ten year old that worked and was kind to her at the same time id tried everything on the shelf for kids but nothing worked.this one seems to be working very well no nasty niffs yet.lets hope it stays that way through the summer. 2014-02-03 at 10:02

  • Image with 5 gold stars  Extremely satisfied

    Extremely satisfied with service and would certainly recommend you to others. Can't fault anything. 
    Thank you very much. 2014-02-06 at 14:10

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